Islam and the Islamic State's Magazine, Dabiq

  title={Islam and the Islamic State's Magazine, Dabiq},
  author={Tim Jacoby},
  journal={Politics and Religion},
  pages={32 - 54}
  • Tim Jacoby
  • Published 14 August 2018
  • Sociology
  • Politics and Religion
Abstract Since the emergence of the Islamic State, considerable debate has arisen over the relationship (or lack of therein) between its ideological discourse and broader Islamic exegeses and learning. This paper aims to connect these wider discussions to its self-defined ideological standpoint as set out in its magazine, Dabiq. All 15 of these, published between June 2014 and July 2016, amounting to more than 900 pages, are examined to assess their authors’ (1) analysis of the Qur'an (2) use… 
The Islamic “State”: sovereignty, territoriality and governance
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It is argued that Ahlut-Tawhid Publications (AHP) was part of the ongoing online campaign of the Islamic State in the World Wide Web in 2018 and 2019, and maintained quite an impressive and long-lasting online presence.
Middle Eastern and Western Leaders Speeches on Counterterrorism
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The Sydney Lindt café siege: The role of the consultant psychiatrist
  • Russ Scott
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry
  • 2019
During the siege, Monis was a narcissist and the siege was not an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack, so the psychiatrist’s endorsement of the police strategy to ‘contain and negotiate’ was prudent in the circumstances.
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Five reports on the development of freely available coding schemes for either operational code analysis or leadership trait analysis for foreign policy analysis beyond the Anglosphere are offered.
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The Islamic State movement (IS, formerly ISIS) is widely denounced by both Muslims and non-Muslims as ‘un-Islamic’, for, among other deeds, attacking fellow Muslims, inciting international terrorism,
Mediale Formen und Formate der IS-Propaganda. Ein Analyseansatz und Überblick
Um dem Facettenreichtum etwa hinsichtlich der Multimodalitat, der rhetorischen und asthetischen Funktionen, der Gattungs- und sonstigen Erscheinungsvielfalt der Propaganda des ‚Islamischen Staats‘


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