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Islam and Marble from the Origins to Saddam Hussein

  title={Islam and Marble from the Origins to Saddam Hussein},
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To conclude, this volume offers a useful summation of approaches to Celtic art in Britain. It is a shame that one of the signal triumphs of this project—the radiocarbon dating of Celtic art—receivedExpand


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1. The Romans Empire 2. The Roman Army 3. Christianity 4. Polytheism 5. Jews 6. Domestic Life 7. Women 8. Law 9. Medicine 10. Philosophy 11. Persia 12. Germanic Invaders and Successor States 13.Expand
The Mirage of Islamic Art: Reflections on the Study of an Unwieldy Field
When we started studying Islamic art some thirty years ago, there were no good introductory textbooks that undergrad¬uates could read. When we started teaching the subject nearly a decade later,Expand
Marble and stoneworking in Byzantium, 7th to 15th centuries
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