Islam: The Straight Path

  title={Islam: The Straight Path},
  author={John L. Esposito},
INTRODUCTION 1. MUHAMMAD AND THE QURAN: MESSENGER AND MESSAGE Muhammad and the Muslim Community Muhammad and the West The Quran: The Word of God Conclusion 2. THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN HISTORY Muhammad and the Medinan State The Caliphate (632-1258) Islam and the West: The Crusades and Muslim Response to Militant Christianity The Sultanate Period: Medieval Muslim Empires Islam in the West 3. RELIGIOUS LIFE: BELIEF AND PRACTICE Theology Islamic Law Popular Religion 4. MODERN ISLAMIC REFORM… 

Islamist Forces in Contemporary Egypt: The End of Conventional Dualities

The Muslim Brotherhood (Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun) has long been an important power group in Egyptian society and is considered the oldest and largest Islamist organisation in the Arab world. Its

Islamic Modernist and Reformist Thought: A Study of the Contribution of Sir Sayyid and Muhammad Iqbal

Muslim modernists, from Middle East to South Asia, asserted the need to 'reinterpret and reapply' the principles and ideals of Islam, formulating new responses to the challenges of Europe and of

The Concept of Al-Ta’ayush in Islamic Cosmopolitanism: From Medina to Istanbul and Malacca

In modern Western perspective, Islam is often associated with jihad or holy war waged against non-Muslims. In the Western view, multiculturalism and religious pluralism have neither a place in Islam

Emerging trends in Islamist political thought: Implications for Islam-West Relations

Over the past several decades, the study of international relations has taken a keen interest in developments in the Muslim world and their implications for Islam-West relations. Much of the focus

Islamists and democracy in Sudan: the role of Hasan Turabi, 1989-2001

This research assesses the experiment of the Islamic movement in Sudan following the 1989 coup. The main question that needs to be answered with regard to Turabi and the Islamists in Sudan is the gap

The Advent of Islam and Growth of Muslim Society in Bengal

Examining the Islamization theories, the chapter critically discusses the advent of Islam and growth of Muslim society in Bengal (now Bangladesh). The advent of Islam in Bengal has been recorded much

Perceptions of Islam in Western Publics

The representation of Muslims and Islam in Western publics is dominated by topics related to terror, violence and fundamentalism. As far as the media discourse is concerned, the article asks in how

Radicalism and the Practice of Violence in the Muslim World

Religion, politics, society and culture coexist in a melting pot; entwining and clashing amongst one another till the origins of their functions and values are debated much like the chicken and the

Changing world order and the Islamic Jurisprudence: a study of the judicial provisions of Islam and their applications in global multi religious community with special reference to Hyderabad, India

The global village that desires to see pluralism as the way of life painfully witnesses growing terrorism and communal intolerance. Life for common people everywhere has become stressful and

Islamism, secularism and post-Islamism: the Muslim world and the case of Bangladesh

ABSTRACT This paper provides a historical overview of the emerging post-Islamist phenomenon in the Muslim world and discusses the scope for sustainable democratic politics in Bangladesh. In the