Islam, Literature and Society in Mongol Anatolia

  title={Islam, Literature and Society in Mongol Anatolia},
  author={Andrew Charles Spencer Peacock},
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Sur la question des langues dans l’Islam oriental
This paper deals with the theme of the coexistence of different languages in the pre-modern Islamic world. Starting from an analysis of the concept of “Islamic language” as it was singled out by


The Fustat al-‘adala: a Unique Manuscript on the Religious Landscape of Medieval Anatolia
The particularities in the political development of medieval Anatolia after the arrival of the Seljuq Turks in the eleventh century resulted in a singular scenario in which a long but steady process
Enter the Mongols: A Study of the Ottoman Historiography in the 15th and 16th Centuries
  • Osmanlı Araştırmaları
  • 2019
The Mongol Empire
The Şaṭḥiyye of Yūnus Emre and Kayġusuz Abdāl: The Creation of a Vernacular Islamic Tradition in Turkish
  • Turcica
  • 2019
15. ve 16. Yüzyıldaki Osmanlı Tarihlerinde Moğol Simgesi
Bu makale 15. ve 16. yy. Osmanli tarihlerinde Mogollar ve Cengiz Han’in nasil degerlendirildigini arastirmaktadir. Bu tarihlerin Osmanli Devleti’nin ilk donemini anlatan kisimlarinda Osmanlilar icin
A Mediterranean Apocalypse: Prophecies of Empire in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
This article traces the intertwining of contemporaneous Muslim and Christian millenarian beliefs and excitation from the early fifteenth to late sixteenth centuries, specifically as crystalized by
Caliphate Redefined: The Mystical Turn in Ottoman Political Thought
Caliphate Redefined is a remarkable book because it is a complex and detailed work of intellectual history tied to a relatively simple and straightforward point. Modern interpretations of the
Contextualising the Decorum of Golden Horde-Period Mosques in Crimea:
Resume : Mettre en contexte le decorum des mosquees de la periode de la Horde d’Or en Crimee : les interactions artistiques d’apres l’etude du patronage et de la culture materielle. Cet essai
Islamisation in the Golden Horde and Anatolia: Some remarks on travelling scholars and texts
  • A. Peacock
  • History
    Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée
  • 2018
Abstract: This article examines the intellectual connections between Anatolia and the Golden Horde in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It argues that an exchange of scholars and texts between