Ising quantum Hall ferromagnet in magnetically doped quantum wells.

  title={Ising quantum Hall ferromagnet in magnetically doped quantum wells.},
  author={Jan Jaroszynski and T. Andrearczyk and G. Karczewski and Joan M. Wrobel and Tomasz W{\'o}jtowicz and Elena Papis and Ewa Kamińska and Agata Piotrowska and Dragana Popovic and Tomasz Dietl},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={89 26},
We report on the observation of the Ising quantum Hall ferromagnet with Curie temperature T(C) as high as 2 K in a modulation-doped (Cd,Mn)Te heterostructure. In this system field-induced crossing of Landau levels occurs due to the giant spin-splitting effect. Magnetoresistance data, collected over a wide range of temperatures, magnetic fields, tilt angles, and electron densities, are discussed taking into account both Coulomb electron-electron interactions and s-d coupling to Mn spin… CONTINUE READING