Ishtar of Nineveh and her collaborator, Ishtar of Arbela, in the reign of Assurbanipal

  title={Ishtar of Nineveh and her collaborator, Ishtar of Arbela, in the reign of Assurbanipal},
  author={Barbara Nevling Porter},
  pages={41 - 44}
  • B. Porter
  • Published 2004
  • History, Linguistics
  • Iraq
In a hymn written for Assurbanipal (K. 1290, cited here from Alasdair Livingstone's recent edition), the king describes how Ishtar of Nineveh and Ishtar of Arbela have collaborated in helping him during his reign. The text is described in its colophon as a song of Assurbanipal for “the Lady of Nineveh”, a title reserved for Ishtar of Nineveh. Although this suggests that the text may have been copied out on this tablet to serve as a guide for performance of the text for Ishtar of Nineveh, the… 
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