Ischemic cerebrovascular disease in children: retrospective study of 35 patients.

  title={Ischemic cerebrovascular disease in children: retrospective study of 35 patients.},
  author={Josette Mancini and Nadine Girard and Brigitte Chabrol and Sylvie Lamoureux and M. O. Livet and Isabelle Thuret and Nicole Pinsard},
  journal={Journal of child neurology},
  volume={12 3},
A 10-year review of a neuropediatric department experience with childhood ischemic cerebrovascular disease identified 35 patients with arterial ischemic stroke. The ability to diagnose stroke in children has improved with the development of imaging techniques in the past few years. Children have a wide array of risk factors for ischemic strokes, since some are acquired and others are congenital. Twenty-eight associated conditions (80%) were found in our patients and we identified 17 specific… CONTINUE READING

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