IsN NMR Spectroscopy of Phosphorus-Nitrogen Compounds


A systematic study of sensitil'ilY enhancement in ' ~N NMR spectra of phosphorus-nilrogf'o compounds by 3IP.I5N polariSlllion tfllrtsff'r \'l as .,..rformed !ISing Iris-(dimethylamioo)phosphine ( I) as a model compound. The application of sen!ral mul1ipulse lechoiques (refocussed and oon-rdocussed INEPT. DEPT) lind dccoupling sclw>mes shows lh:tl muimum enhaocement \'I'as reached \'lith fhe non-rf'focussed INEPT S«Jueoce, whereas the ~formaoce of longer pulse seqlH'nces was deteriorated by relu:trion efJecls. The praelica l applica tion of lhe lechniqlH' was demonslnlled for the determination of 15N da t. of 10\'1 coordinate phosphorus-nilrogen compounds (iminophosphines and imidometaphosph.,e ions). In fa.ourable ca~. lhe scnsili"ily gain may be comparable 10 that of 'H,'sN IN t: I>T measurements "ia long-range couplinGS. In addition to the 10 uperiments, Ihe praclica_ bilily of heteronuclear correhuion spectroscopy was demonstra led by the measurement of 2D JI P. I5N shiftcorrelated spectra of 1.

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