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Is your worker training effective? Ask the cows and reduce protocol drift.

  title={Is your worker training effective? Ask the cows and reduce protocol drift.},
  author={J. Wenz and R. Alan Smith},
Significant increases in herd size in the dairy industry have resulted in hired labor providing primary care and management of the cows guided by protocols. Worker training programs have been instituted to provide workers with an understanding of the hows and whys of the protocols they are asked to follow. The ultimate goal of training is to have competent workers carrying out best management practices on the dairy in a manner that promotes the health, well-being and productivity of cows in the… 

Dairy farmer advising in relation to the development of standard operating procedures.

It is suggested that a farm-specific SOP that actively tracks procedures is most beneficial, and that advice adherence is context dependent.

Short communication: Microlearning courses are effective at increasing the feelings of confidence and accuracy in the work of dairy personnel.

Overall, 78% of employees felt more confident in correct task completion after the training and 80% stated that they were convinced to work more accurately after having taken the course.

Time lost to disease in dairy cattle : associations between two consecutive lactations

This chapter discusses health events of interest in DAIRY CATTLE, as well as associations between two confederations, and time lost to DISEASE inDAIRy Cattle: Associations between two CONSECUTIVE LACTATIONS.