Is type 2 diabetes mellitus associated with alterations in hearing? A systematic review and meta‐analysis

  title={Is type 2 diabetes mellitus associated with alterations in hearing? A systematic review and meta‐analysis},
  author={Olubunmi Victoria Akinpelu and Mario A. Mujica-Mota and Sam Daniel},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
The aim of this study was to systematically and quantitatively review the available evidence on the effects of type 2 diabetes mellitus on hearing function. 

An association of type 1 diabetes mellitus with auditory dysfunction: A systematic review and meta‐analysis

To establish the relationship between the presence of type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) and auditory dysfunction in clinical settings by a systematic review and meta‐analysis of currently available

Hearing loss and type 2 diabetes: is there a link?

An association between hearing loss and diabetes is confirmed and the cause remains uncertain and open to academic debate.

Severity of hearing impairment is positively associated with urine albumin excretion rate in patients with type 2 diabetes

To identify risk factors for hearing impairment among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, a large number of patients have had a history of hearing loss, and these factors are known to affect hearing impairment.

Cochlear, auditory brainstem responses in Type 1 diabetes: relationship with metabolic variables and diabetic complications

The presence of subclinical auditory alterations and their possible association with early vascular and neurological dysfunction in young adults with Type 1 diabetes of long duration are assessed.

Evaluation and Management of Patients with Diabetes and Hearing Loss.

Recommendations for the prevention, screening, evaluation, and management of hearing loss in Persons with diabetes (PWD) are provided.

Type 1 diabetes and hearing loss: Audiometric assessment and measurement of circulating levels of soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products

We examined the hearing function in adults with and without type 1 diabetes (T1D) to investigate whether an association exists between hearing loss and duration of diabetes, haemoglobin A1C level,

Type 2 Diabetes and Hearing Impairment

Evidence for diabetes-induced pathophysiologic changes that may result in damage to the auditory system is examined and proposed mechanisms underlying the association between diabetes and HI include the combined contributions of hyperglycemia and oxidative stress to cochlear microangiopathy and auditory neuropathy.

Vestibular dysfunction and glycemic control in diabetes mellitus: Is there a correlation?

There is a significant association between Type II DM, and SNHL and VD, especially with worsening of glycemic control, and Screening for these debilities should be a part of the routine workup of a diabetic patient.

Diabetes mellitus and hearing loss: A review




Relationship of Type 2 diabetes to the prevalence, incidence and progression of age‐related hearing loss

This study reports on the relationship between Type’2 diabetes and the prevalence, 5‐year incidence and progression of hearing impairment in a representative, older, Australian population.

Diabetes mellitus.

  • M. de Luise
  • Medicine
    The Medical journal of Australia
  • 1993
Elderly diabetic patients require education in dietary therapy, physical activity, and self-monitoring of glycaemic control. However, rather than tight control, treatment should aim for a simple

Relationship of retinopathy and hearing loss in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Diabetics had a statistically significant difference at all frequencies of hearing loss, as compared with controls, as described in this study.

Race and Sex Differences in Age‐Related Hearing Loss: The Health, Aging and Body Composition Study

The prevalence of and risk factors for hearing loss in a sample of older adults enrolled in the Health, Aging and Body Composition (Health ABC) Study are determined.

Role of oxidative stress in hearing impairment in patients with type two diabetes mellitus.

It is suggested that oxidative stress may play an important role in hearing impairment in diabetic patients, and increased protein oxidation appears to be more important than lipid peroxidation.

[Prevention of diabetes mellitus].

Several prospective studies have shown that in the aggregate, intensive therapy improves health-care status by improving not only microv vascular disease but also macrovascular disease in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The inner ear in diabetes mellitus.

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The pathology in the inner ear and its capsule produced by long-lasting diabetes mellitus was studied in serial sections in 28 human temporal bones.

Diabetes and risk of hearing impairment in adults: a meta-analysis.

Current meta-analysis suggests that the higher prevalence of hearing impairment in diabetic patients compared with nondiabetic patients was consistent regardless of age, and was higher in younger participants than in older participants.

Diabetes mellitus and hearing loss.

A significant difference was found in the average hearing thresholds between the diabetic patients and all of the three control populations, and there was also a correlation between the duration of diabetes and hearing loss.

Diabetes mellitus and sensorineural hearing loss among non-elderly people.

Age at onset and duration of diabetes were associated with SNHL, and diabetes mellitus may be a risk factor for hearing loss regardless of age and smoking.