Is there a relationship between sinusitis and psychological disorders?


Chronic rhinosinusitis refers to inflammation of the nasal and sinuses mucosa and the main criteria for diagnosis of this disease related to the nasal cavity or the facial area. According to several reports based on the relationship of this disease with mental disorders, psychological issues are missing in the criteria of chronic rhinosinusitis diagnosis. In this study the etiology and clinical symptoms of the disease were studied by searching scientific databases and authentic Iranian Medicine books such as Avicenna's book The Canon of Medicine (Al-Qanun fi't-Tibb) that now taught in medicine schools of the Traditional East Asian; the results of this study showed that rhinosinusitis accompaniment with psychological symptoms are listed in abundance not only in old books but also in scientific literature before 1928 but after the discovery of antibiotics and extreme attention in the context of physiopathological assignment of diseases to pathogens, this relationship has been weakened. Given the positive results of recent studies on rhinosinusitis accompaniment with psychological disorders it is suggested that more studies are needed to explore the relationship between chronic rhinosinusitis and psychological diseases and, if necessary, to be included in the diagnostic criteria as a diagnostic standard.

DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2016.10.002

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