Is there a difference? Comparison of golden retrievers and dogs affected by breed-specific legislation regarding aggressive behavior

  title={Is there a difference? Comparison of golden retrievers and dogs affected by breed-specific legislation regarding aggressive behavior},
  author={Stefanie Ott and Esther Schalke and Amelie M. von Gaertner and Hansjoachim Hackbarth},
  journal={Journal of Veterinary Behavior-clinical Applications and Research},

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Aggression between dogs: what can the vet do to help solve the problem?

It is found that ‘weak] concordance between dog- and human-directed aggression suggested most dogs were not showing aggression in multiple contexts’, which supports the view of many who work with dogs: that inter-dog aggression is not indicative of dog-human aggression.

Dog bite injuries to humans and the use of breed-specific legislation: a comparison of bites from legislated and non-legislated dog breeds

The present study results did not observe evidence of any differences between legislated and non-legislated for both the medical treatment to victims required following the bite, and the type of bite inflicted.

Ethology, ecology and epidemiology of canine aggression

Introduction In Man Meets Dog (1953), Konrad Lorenz praised the wonders of domestication that, in a few thousand years, had transformed the wolf into the docile Alsatian dog that his children could

“Stepdogs” of Society: The Impact of Breed Bans in Norway

Drawing on qualitative interviews with dog owners and police officers, this article discusses the ban against “dangerous dogs” in Norway. The Norwegian breed ban in The Dog Regulation

Risk factors for human-directed aggression in a referral level clinical population

Factors such as attendance at puppy classes and numbers of dogs in the household suggest the need for longitudinal studies to investigate temporal relationships in human-directed aggression cases.

Similarities between the representation of “aggressive dogs” and “sex offenders” in the British news media

Incidents of sexual crime and dog bite fatalities both score highly over the range of news values (including negativity, recency and unexpectedness; Ghavamnia and Dastjerdi, 2013). The two issues



Behavioural testing for aggression in the domestic dog

Untersuchung des Verhaltens von 5 Hunderassen und einem Hundetypus im Wesenstest nach den Richtlinien der Niedersächsischen Gefahrtierverordnung vom 05.07.2000

The results show that imposition of the behaviour-test according to the GefTVO by law can not be justified for the tested races or for the Pitbull-type dog and the splitting into two categories and the resulting different legal treatment is not justified.

Submission: Its Features and Function in the Wolf and Dog

The concept of submission as the role of the defeated in the terminal phase of fight with the function to inhibit automatically aggression in the superior should be dismissed.

Socio‐infantile and Socio‐sexual signals in Canids: a Comparative and Ontogenetic Study

Zusammenfassung Die Ontogenese sozialen Erkundungsverhaltens und seiner Ausrichtung auf Artgenossen wurde an Hunden untersucht, an Haushunden verschiedenen Alters auch die Reaktion auf

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