Is the response of coral calcification to seawater acidification related to nutrient loading?

  title={Is the response of coral calcification to seawater acidification related to nutrient loading?},
  author={Anne Chauvin and Vianney Denis and Pascale Cuet},
  journal={Coral Reefs},
The effect of decreasing aragonite saturation state (ΩArag) of seawater (elevated pCO2) on calcification rates of Acropora muricata was studied using nubbins prepared from parent colonies located at two sites of La Saline reef (La Réunion Island, western Indian Ocean): a back-reef site (BR) affected by nutrient-enriched groundwater discharge (mainly nitrate), and a reef flat site (RF) with low terrigenous inputs. Protein and chlorophyll a content of the nubbins, as well as zooxanthellae… CONTINUE READING
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