Is the landing response of the housefly (Musca) driven by motion of a flow field?

  title={Is the landing response of the housefly (Musca) driven by motion of a flow field?},
  author={Christian Wehrhahn and Klaus Hausen and Johannes M. Zanker},
  journal={Biological Cybernetics},
The landing response of tethered flying housefliesMusca domestica elicited by motion of periodic gratings is analysed. The field of view of the compound eyes of a fly can be subdivided into a region of binocular overlap and a monocular region. In the monocular region the landing response is elicited by motion from front to back and suppressed by motion from back to front. The sensitivity to front to back motion in monocular flies (one eye covered with black paint) has a maximum at an angle 60… CONTINUE READING
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