Is the apoE4 allele an independent predictor of coronary events?

  title={Is the apoE4 allele an independent predictor of coronary events?},
  author={Angelo Scuteri and Angelo J B{\'o}s and Alan B. Zonderman and Larry J. Brant and Edward G. Lakatta and Jerome L. Fleg},
  journal={The American journal of medicine},
  volume={110 1},
PURPOSE Although the apolipoprotein E genotype epsilon4 (apoE4) has been associated with high cholesterol levels, whether it is an independent predictor of coronary events is not certain. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We measured apoE genotypes in 730 participants in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (421 men and 309 women, mean [+/- SD] age of 52+/-17 years) who were free of preexisting coronary heart disease. A proportional hazards regression model was used to study the association between… CONTINUE READING
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