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Is the air handling capability of the quadrox D pump dependent within an ECMO circuit? An in vitro study.

  title={Is the air handling capability of the quadrox D pump dependent within an ECMO circuit? An in vitro study.},
  author={Martin Gill and Hayden Dando and Dittmer John},
  journal={The journal of extra-corporeal technology},
  volume={42 3},
The occurrence of gaseous microemboli (GME) within the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation circuit is largely overlooked, as are methods to ameliorate this occurrence. We aimed to determine if the air handling capability of the Quadrox D oxygenator was dependent upon whether it was used in conjunction with a centrifugal or roller pump; and if application of a Pall air eliminating filter (AEF) would prevent circuit air introduction from intravenous infusions. Using a blood primed circuit 1 mL of… Expand
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