Is the Universe a Universal Computer?

  title={Is the Universe a Universal Computer?},
  author={Melanie Mitchell},
  pages={65 - 68}
A New Kind of Science. Stephen Wolfram. Wolfram Media, Champaign, IL, 2002. 1280 pp. $44.95, £40, C$69.95. ISBN 1-57955-008-8. Wolfram argues that the best way to understand many systems in nature is to think in terms of simple programs instead of mathematical equations. 


Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science offers a cornucopia of ideas that are likely to be discussed for years to come. The book has been something of a mainstream best-seller and could well bring

The mathematics of behavior

1. Introduction 2. Applying probability theory to problems in sociology and psychology 3. From physics to perception 4. When systems evolve over time 5. Non-Linear and chaotic systems 6. Defining

Intermediate processes and critical phenomena: Theory, method and progress of fractional operators and their applications to modern mechanics

From point of view of physics, especially of mechanics, we briefly introduce fractional operators (with emphasis on fractional calculus and fractional differential equations) used for describing

Introduction and Outline

The basic problems are introduced and the connection of biological pattern formation and mathematical modeling is emphasized and an outline introduces the book structure and specific suggestions on how to read the book depending on the reader’s background.

Lattice-gas Cellular Automaton Modeling of Developing Cell Systems

It is shown that a particular cellular automaton class, lattice-gas cellular automata (LGCA), is well suited for the modeling of developing cell systems characterized by motion and interaction of biological cells.

The Ecology of E-Business

It is argued that the ecology of software is the key to the notion of ecology of e-business which is considered as a derivative of the notionof ecology of business much discussed in the literature recently.

Algunas propiedades dinámicas de modelos de máquinas de Turing Some Dynamical Properties of Turing Machine Dynamical Models

Doctor en Ciencias Aplicadas con mencion en Ingenieria Matematica Universidad de Concepcion 2016

Minimal computation structures for visual information applications based on printed electronics

This thesis explores how task-specific, low computation, interactive devices capable of presenting dynamic visual information can be created using Printed Electronics technologies, whilst following an approach based on the ideals behind Personal Fabrication.



Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays

In the quarter of a century since three mathematicians and game theorists collaborated to create Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays, the book has become the definitive work on the subject of

The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants

Graphical modeling using L-systems and turtle interpretation of symbols for plant models and iterated function systems, and Fractal properties of plants.

The essence of chaos

Glimpses of chaos a journey into chaos our chaotic weather encounters with chaos what else is chaos?

The Emperor's New Mind

Els cometes presenten en general un nucli brillant de dimensions reduides (uns quilbmetres), de forma irregular i que conte gairebe tota la massa, una cabellera al voltant del nucli i una cua (si es

Essays on cellular automata

Universal Computation in Simple One-Dimensional Cellular Automata

It is demonstrated that a Turing machine with m tape symbols and n internal states can be simulated by a cellular automaton of range r= 1 with m+ n+ 2 states per cell.