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Is the Network Turing-Complete? EPFL Technical Report 187131

  title={Is the Network Turing-Complete? EPFL Technical Report 187131},
  author={Peter Peres{\'i}ni and D. Kosti{\'c}},
  • Peter Peresíni, D. Kostić
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science
  • Ensuring correct network behavior is hard. [...] Key Method We do so using just a set of network devices with simple features such as packet matching, header rewriting and round-robin loadbalancing. Therefore, we show that a network can emulate any Turing machine. This ultimately means that analyzing dynamic network behavior can be as hard as analyzing an arbitrary program. Analyzing a network containing middleboxes is already understood to be hard. Our result shows that using even only statically configured…Expand Abstract


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