Is the Jewish Diaspora Unique? Reflections on the Diaspora's Current Situation

  title={Is the Jewish Diaspora Unique? Reflections on the Diaspora's Current Situation},
  author={Gabriel Sheffer},
  journal={Israel Studies},
  pages={1 - 35}
THE JEWISH DIASPORA, ISRAEL, AND consequently Israeli-Jewish Diaspora relations are all in the midst of ongoing intense transformations.1 These profound changes, however, are of a chaotic nature. They are caused by contradictory trends and features. There is no wonder that such changes confuse many gentiles, as well as many in the Jewish Diaspora (hereafter the Diaspora) and in Israel. The main purpose of the present essay, therefore, is to contribute to the clarification of this situation… Expand
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The Jewish State, A Century Later
The Jewish State, A Century Later, by Alan Dowty. Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press,1998. xiv + 255 pages. Notes to p. 303. Bibl. to p. 331. Index to p. 337. $35. TheExpand
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