Is something rotten in the state of Denmark? The Muhammad cartoons and Danish political culture

  title={Is something rotten in the state of Denmark? The Muhammad cartoons and Danish political culture},
  author={Anders Linde-Laursen},
  journal={Contemporary Islam},
During and after what became known as ‘the cartoon crisis’ in the early months of 2006, many observers noted how the crisis should be understood as an expression of a growing Islamophobic tendency in Danish society. While such an interpretation undoubtedly is correct it fails to explain how both this Islamophobic tendency and the crisis must be seen as contemporary expressions of a long-lasting estrangement in Danish society between forces respectively sympathetic and adverse to modernity. In… 

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(Recension av) Anders Linde-Laursen, Det nationales natur. Studier i dansk-svenske relationer

Recension av Anders Linde-Laursen, Det nationales natur. Studier i dansk-svenske relationer.