Is routine removal of intramedullary nails justified.

  title={Is routine removal of intramedullary nails justified.},
  author={Thomas O Boerger and Gourang Patel and J. P. Murphy},
  volume={30 2},
This study investigates the outcome of 100 cases of lower limb intramedullary nail removal. 12 femoral and 25 tibial nails were removed for pain and 4 tibial nails for infection. For 22 tibial nails and 38 femoral nails there was no recorded indication. There where 3 operative complications, 2 abandoned procedures and 1 tibial fracture (nail extraction without prior removal of the distal locking screw). In 9 out of 16 cases anterior knee pain improved after tibial nail removal. 4 patients… CONTINUE READING

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