Is newspaper coverage of economic events politically biased?

  title={Is newspaper coverage of economic events politically biased?},
  author={John R. Lott and Kevin A. Hassett},
  journal={Public Choice},
AbstractThis paper develops an econometric technique to test for political bias in news reports that controls for the underlying character of the news reported. Because of the changing availability of the number of newspapers in Nexis/Lexis, two sets of time are examined: from January 1991 to May 2004 and from January 1985 to May 2004. Our results suggest that American newspapers tend to give more positive coverage to the same economic news when Democrats are in the White House than when… Expand
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Examining the “Liberal Media” Claim: Journalists' Views on Politics, Economic and Social Policy (Including Health Care), and Media Coverage
  • D. Croteau
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • International journal of health services : planning, administration, evaluation
  • 1999
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