Is it possible to produce succinic acid at a low pH?

  title={Is it possible to produce succinic acid at a low pH?},
  author={Tigran V. Yuzbashev and Evgeniya Y Yuzbasheva and Ivan A. Laptev and Tatiana I Sobolevskaya and Tatiana V Vybornaya and Anna S Larina and Ilia T Gvilava and Svetlana V Antonova and Sergey P. Sineoky},
  journal={Bioengineered bugs},
  volume={2 2},
Bio-based succinate is still a matter of special emphasis in biotechnology and adjacent research areas. The vast majority of natural and engineered producers are bacterial strains that accumulate succinate under anaerobic conditions. Recently, we succeeded in obtaining an aerobic yeast strain capable of producing succinic acid at low pH. Herein, we discuss some difficulties and advantages of microbial pathways producing "succinic acid" rather than "succinate." It was concluded that the peculiar… CONTINUE READING

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