Is growth obsolete

  title={Is growth obsolete},
  author={William Nordhaus and James Tobin},
A long decade ago economic growth was the reigning fashion of political economy. It was simultaneously the hottest subject of economic theory and research, a slogan eagerly claimed by politicians of all stripes, and a serious objective of the policies of governments. The climate of opinion has changed dramatically. Disillusioned critics indict both economic science and economic policy for blind obeisance to aggregate material "progress," and for neglect of its costly side effects. Growth, it is… 
Growth: A Discussion of the Margins of Economic and Ecological Thought
In the late 1960s a debate about the long-term feasibility and desirability of economic growth as a one-size-fits-all economic policy emerged. It was argued that economic growth was one of the
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INTRODUCTION particular to address the preoccupation with economic growth and the notion that the ‘Americanization’ of Improving economic growth preoccupies policyeconomic policy is required to
"Poverty and Progress" Revisited
The title of this essay derives from the fact that it is primarily an exposition of ideas which are either explicit or immanent in R. G. Wilkinson’s Poverty and Progress (1973). The ideas concern an
Kuznets and Modern Economic Growth Fifty Years Later
Simon Kuznets was awarded the 1971 Nobel Prize in economics for his empirically founded interpretation of economic growth, yet, two decades after his death it is only in the guise of the “Kuznets
Rethinking the Role of the Economy and Financial Markets
The financial crisis is as much a crisis of economics as of the financial system. Inherent flaws in the modern monetary system overlay and magnify conceptual flaws in prevailing neoliberal economic
Finance, social value, and the rhetoric of GDP
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    Finance and Society
  • 2018
The global financial crisis is usually seen as a failure of neoclassical economic theory and neoliberal policy, but it also represented an epistemological failure. Forecasters who missed the crisis
Does rapid economic growth improve the human lot? Some empirical evidence
Politicians and decision-makers in both developed and developing countries have sought to maximize economic growth on the basis of the belief that this leads to advances in the quality of life. This
Sustainable Growth: Do We Really Measure the Challenge?
Macro-measurement is a long and arduous process that involves the system of national accounts. The challenge it raises is driven by the requirements of economic policy. Today, there is a need for a


Household Capital Formation and Its Financing
  • App. B
  • 1966
The Production and Distribution of Knowledge in the United Stares
  • Social Forces Influencing American Education
  • 1961