Is exchange transfusion a possible treatment for neonatal hemochromatosis?

  title={Is exchange transfusion a possible treatment for neonatal hemochromatosis?},
  author={Giuseppina Timpani and Francesca Foti and Antonino Nicol{\`o} and Pier Antonio Nicotina and Emanuele Nicastro and Raffaele Iorio},
  journal={Journal of hepatology},
  volume={47 5},
Neonatal hemochromatosis is a rare congenital disorder of the liver associated to a poor prognosis. Liver transplantation is often required, since no effective medical treatment has been found. Despite mounting evidence of an alloimmune etiology of this condition, exchange transfusion has never been proposed as a specific treatment for neonatal hemochromatosis. Here we describe two siblings affected by neonatal hemochromatosis. The first, a female, died at 18 days of severe coagulopathy and… CONTINUE READING

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