Is cancer fundraising fuelling quackery?

  title={Is cancer fundraising fuelling quackery?},
  author={Melanie Newman},
  journal={British Medical Journal},
  • M. Newman
  • Published 12 September 2018
  • Medicine
  • British Medical Journal
Crowdfunding sites are helping people with advanced cancer spend thousands of pounds on unproved and alternative treatments. Melanie Newman examines calls to help ensure patients and their donors are not being exploited 
Medical Crowdfunding for Unproven Medical Treatments: Should Gofundme Become a Gatekeeper?
The ethical case for intervention by GoFundMe and other crowdfunding platforms to fund unproven medical interventions on the platform is made.
The politics of evidence in online illness narratives: An analysis of crowdfunding for purported stem cell treatments
This article addresses the growing trend of crowdfunding for unproven stem cell-based treatments. Our analysis uses quantitative and qualitative data collected from two popular fundraising sites to
Is the rise of crowdfunding for medical expenses in the UK symptomatic of systemic gaps in health and social care?
This Essay synthesises what is currently known and the insights that might be gained from an exploratory review of 400 medical crowdfunding campaigns on the GoFundMe UK website to better understand patients’ perceived or actual unmet need for health and social care and inform policy development.
Crowdfunding for complementary and alternative medicine: What are cancer patients seeking?
Findings confirm previous findings that CAM users with cancer tend to have late stage cancers, cancers with high mortality rates, and specific diseases such as breast cancer and crowdfunding campaigns for these interventions are confirmed.
A Comparison of Online Medical Crowdfunding in Canada, the UK, and the US
There are important differences in the reasons for medical crowdfunding across the 3 countries included in this analysis and that there are racial and gender disparities in crowdfunding success.
Disagreements in the care of critically ill children: emerging issues in a changing landscape
• The reasons why disagreements develop are wide ranging, but themes include: communication issues; differing perspectives, beliefs and values that lead to disagreements on, for example, what kind of
"Tremendous financial burden": Crowdfunding for organ transplantation costs in Canada
Investigating crowdfunding in Canadian organ transplantation suggests Canadian organ donors, transplant candidates, recipients, and their families and caregivers experience significant financial difficulties not addressed by the public health system.
The argument against crowdfunding Alzheimer’s disease research
With pharmaceutical companies’ repeated failures at finding effective interventions for Alzheimer’s disease, together with an increasing reliance on the growing Federal funding for research, there is
Crowdfunding Medical Care: A Comparison of Online Medical Fundraising in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States
Although medical crowdfunding has the potential to provide short-term relief from medical financial burden for a privileged subset of patients, it may carry wider-reaching adverse societal effects including the promotion of racial and gender disparities in healthcare.
The pitfalls of crowdfunding Alzheimer's disease research
A strong warning is given to the public to mistrust crowdfunding Alzheimer’s disease research, as a broader and more inclusive approach is likely to generate a better understanding of the disease and therefore hold better promise for understanding the disease in the long term.


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