Is a fatty pancreas a banal lesion?

  title={Is a fatty pancreas a banal lesion?},
  author={A. Smereczyński and Katarzyna Kołaczyk},
  journal={Journal of Ultrasonography},
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So far, a fatty pancreas has been related to obesity and the ageing processes in the body. The current list of pathogenetic factors of the condition is clearly extended with genetically conditioned diseases (cystic fibrosis, Shwachman-Diamond syndrome and Johanson-Blizzard syndrome), pancreatitis, especially hereditary and obstructive, metabolic and hormonal disorders (hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, hyperinsulinemia and hypercortisolemia), alcohol overuse, taking some medicines… Expand
The association of fatty pancreas with subclinical atherosclerosis in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
It is shown for the first time that fatty pancreas is a contributing factor for the development of atherosclerosis in patients with NAFLD and the results for cf-PWV and CIMT did not remain significant after adjustment for confounding factors. Expand
Nonalcoholic Fatty Pancreas Disease: Role in Metabolic Syndrome, “Prediabetes,” Diabetes and Atherosclerosis
NAFPD is a marker of local fat accumulation possibly associated with beta-cell function impairment, carbohydrate metabolism disorders and atherosclerosis, and some evidence indicates a correlation between NAFPD and Atherosclerotic markers. Expand
Comparison of Duodenal Mucosal Chromogranin-A Expression in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Pancreas Dyspeptic Patients with and without Endosonography-Diagnosed Early Chronic Pancreatitis: A Case Series Study
Among dyspeptic patients with NAFP, the duodenal mucosa chromogranin-A showed increased expression in those with pancreatic fibrosis and endosonography-diagnosed ECP, to prove the coexistence of NAFP and pancreatic Fibrosis or early chronic pancreatitis (ECP) using acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) and endOSonography. Expand
Pancreatic Fibrosis (Early Chronic Pancreatitis) as Emerging Diagnosis in Structural Causes of Dyspepsia: Evidence from Endoscopic Ultrasonography and Shear Wave Elastography
In early chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic fibrosis is dominant in the head location, and duodenum mucosa chromogranin-A is a potential biomarker with increased expression in an age-matched manner. Expand
Prevalence and clinical characteristics of fatty pancreas in Yangzhou, China: A cross-sectional study.
  • D. Wang, X. Yu, +9 authors Guotao Lu
  • Medicine
  • Pancreatology : official journal of the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) ... [et al.]
  • 2018
The prevalence of fatty pancreas in the examined population is approximately 2.7%. Expand
MRI assessment of ectopic fat accumulation in pancreas, liver and skeletal muscle in patients with obesity, overweight and normal BMI in correlation with the presence of central obesity and metabolic syndrome
Knowing that pancreatic fatty disease is a risk factor for MetS, it seems that assessment and monitoring of ectopic fat accumulation may have important clinical implications and may be used in the prediction of metabolic risk and its early prevention. Expand
Fetal pancreatic hyperechogenicity may be an early ultrasonographic sign of gestational diabetes mellitus
  • H. Akkaya, Barış Büke, G. Uysal
  • Medicine
  • The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians
  • 2018
Fetal hyperechogenic pancreas may be used as a complementary biomarker for the detection of pregnant women suspected of GDM through its association with fetal pancreatic echogenicity and the relationship with gestational diabetes mellitus. Expand
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1II Department of Radiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland; 2Department of Biology and Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University ofExpand
Diagnosing pancreatic steatosis in obese patients


Pancreatic steatosis: Is it related to either obesity or diabetes mellitus?
A review of the existing literature was carried out, and it was found that there was notable evidence from both the pathological and the imaging point of view that pancreatic steatosis is an increasing problem due to the increasing incidence of obesity. Expand
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Is Related to Nonalcoholic Fatty Pancreas Disease
It is demonstrated that NAFLD and PS are related, and this relationship seems to be mediated by general obesity. Expand
Obesity and Fatty Pancreatic Infiltration Are Risk Factors for Pancreatic Precancerous Lesions (PanIN)
Obesity (especially android obesity) and pancreatic fatty infiltration are risk factors for pancreatic precancerous lesions. Expand
Role of pancreatic fat in the outcomes of pancreatitis.
The role of fat and implications of the consequent acute lipotoxicity on the outcomes of acute pancreatitis in lean and obese states and during acute on chronic pancreatitis are discussed. Expand
A prospective evaluation of fatty pancreas by using EUS.
A strong association between fatty pancreas and the metabolic syndrome is found and chronic pancreatitis or adenocarcinoma of the Pancreatic echogenicity is found. Expand
The Association between Nonalcoholic Fatty Pancreas Disease and Diabetes
Both NAFLD and fatty pancreas were associated with diabetes independent of age, gender, adiposity, and other cardiometabolic risk factors. Expand
Clinical implications of fatty pancreas: correlations between fatty pancreas and metabolic syndrome.
Sonographic fatty pancrease showed higher insulin resistance, visceral fat area, triglyceride, and ALT levels than normal pancreases, and showed a strong correlation with metabolic syndrome. Expand
Pancreatic Fatty Degeneration and Fibrosis as Predisposing Factors for the Development of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
It is demonstrated that cryptogenic pancreatic inflammation with fatty changes represents an important predisposing factor for PDAC, and screening for subclinical chronic pancreatitis in healthy populations may enable the detection of PDAC at an early stage. Expand
The effect of fatty pancreas on serum glucose parameters in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.
Fatty pancreas is common in patients with NASH and increases the rate of prediabetes and DM frequency, and the coexistence of both NASh and FP has a further impact on glucose metabolism andDM frequency. Expand
Pancreas and Aging: A Study Using Ultrasonography
With advancing age, ultrasonography demonstrated an increasing echogenicity of the pancreas, beginning in the 4th decade of life, and in the aged, a very high eChogenicity is a normal ultrasonic finding. Expand