Is a cambrian explosion coming for robotics

  title={Is a cambrian explosion coming for robotics},
  author={Gill A. Pratt},
  journal={Journal of Economic Perspectives},
  • G. Pratt
  • Published 1 August 2015
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Economic Perspectives
About half a billion years ago, life on earth experienced a short period of very rapid diversification called the "Cambrian Explosion." Many theories have been proposed for the cause of the Cambrian Explosion, one of the most provocative being the evolution of vision, allowing animals to dramatically increase their ability to hunt and find mates. Today, technological developments on several fronts are fomenting a similar explosion in the diversification and applicability of robotics. Many of… 
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The expected t rends can be recombined to see how long exponent i a l g r o w t h i n c o m p l e x i t y c a n b e e x p e c t e d t o con t inue.
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