Is Weather Chaotic? Coexisting Chaotic and Non-chaotic Attractors Within Lorenz Models

  title={Is Weather Chaotic? Coexisting Chaotic and Non-chaotic Attractors Within Lorenz Models},
  author={Bo-Wen Shen and Roger A. Pielke and Xin Zeng and Jae Jung Baik and Sara Faghih-Naini and Jialin Cui and Robert Atlas and T. A. L. Reyes},
  journal={13th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference},
  • B. ShenR. Pielke T. Reyes
  • Published 2021
  • Physics
  • 13th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference
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Is Weather Chaotic?: Coexistence of Chaos and Order within a Generalized Lorenz Model

Over 50 years since Lorenz’s 1963 study and a follow-up presentation in 1972, the statement “weather is chaotic” has been well accepted. Such a view turns our attention from regularity associated



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Accurate detection of large-scale atmospheric tropical waves, such as African easterly waves (AEWs), may help extend lead times for predicting tropical cyclone (TC) genesis. Since observed AEWs have

On the Predictability of 30-Day Global Mesoscale Simulations of African Easterly Waves during Summer 2006: A View with the Generalized Lorenz Model

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Recent advances in computational and global modeling technology have provided the potential to improve weather predictions at extended-range scales. In earlier studies by the author and his

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The new six-dimensional Lorenz system is found to self-synchronize, and surprisingly, the transfer of solutions to only one of the variables is needed for self- Synchronization to occur.

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In this study, we present a new nine-dimensional Lorenz model (9DLM) that requires a larger critical value for the Rayleigh parameter (a rc of 679.8) for the onset of chaos, as compared to a rc of

Topics in geophysical fluid dynamics. Atmospheric dynamics, dynamo theory, and climate dynamics.

I. Fundamentals.- 1. Effects of Rotation.- 1.1. The Rossby Number.- 1.2. Equations of Motion in an Inertial Frame.- 1.3. Equations in a Rotating Frame.- 1.4. Vorticity.- 1.5. Motion at Small Rossby

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Dynamics of magnetized fluids is much more complex than expected from the standard magnetohydrodynamics. Besides chaotic behavior that often appears in nonlinear dynamical systems, hyperchaotic

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