Is Tqm and Quality Excellence Framework, a Fad?

  • Published 2015


Over the last few decades, TQM has gained substantial institutional value and has become the accepted way of performing and managing activities in organisations. Underpinning the principles of TQM philosophy, various quality awards / business excellence models have been established. A large number of studies exist which confirm the positive correlation of TQM with organisational excellence. The frameworks for TQM requirements are commonly known as Business Excellence Models (quality excellence framework) such as the EFQM Excellence Model or standards such as ISO 9000 Quality Management System. Such standards or awards have addressed TQM from four dimensions: (1) core values, (2) business excellence models/frameworks, (3) tools and techniques, and (4) implementation and cultural integration. There is an agreement among scholars of TQM and excellence models, that all of the excellence models emphasize on continual improvement in order to improve or enhance the quality of processes, corresponding outcomes and overall organisational performance to attain excellence.

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