Is There Familial Transmission of Pedophilia?

  title={Is There Familial Transmission of Pedophilia?},
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A naturalistic, double-blind, family history comparison of sexual deviancy in the first degree relatives of inpatients with pedophilia and nonpedophilic paraphilia was done. Both proband groups were similar in demographic characteristics, except that pedophiles had a later onset of illness and were older during hospitalization. All patients were men. Sexual deviancy was found in 18.5 per cent of the families of paraphiliacs; only 3 per cent of a psychiatric control group had a family member… 
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Primary prevention may be the key to reducing the frequency of child sexual abuse, and available interventions are symptomatically palliative rather than curative.
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Sexologists continue to lack understanding about a fundamental aspect of pedophilia: do men with pedophilia represent a unique group distinguished by their sexual interests, or are they high-scorers
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This pilot study introduces five families in which it is found presence of paraphilia over generations and documents the aggregation of sexual deviations within the sample of families and support a clinical/phenomenological heterogeneity of sexual deviation.
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According to the current state of knowledge cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is the method of choice in the treatment of pedophilia and has demonstrated positive treatment effects in meta-analyses regarding relapse prevention.
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Pedophilia is the experience of recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child by a person (at least 16 years of age and 5 years
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Information on recent studies on the potential origins of the disorder is provided, new diagnostic methods are introduced and estimates on the prevalence of pedophilic sexual interest are presented.
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The present report is a review of all 554 papers published on Medline on pedophilia, focusing on the characterization of pedophiles with emphasis on their frequent previous sexual abuse, their past, their present, and their anticipated future.
Pedophilia and Sexual Offenses against Children
  • M. Seto
  • Psychology
    Annual review of sex research
  • 2004
The definition and assessment of pedophilia is reviewed, the relationship between pedophilia and sexual offenses against children is described, and an overview of the current theoretical understanding of the etiology of Pedophilia is provided.
The Genesis of Pedophilia
Abstract Many male sex offenders against children say they themselves were sexually abused in childhood. This observation has supported several variations of what has come to be known as the