Is Stellate a relict meiotic driver?

  title={Is Stellate a relict meiotic driver?},
  author={Laurence D Hurst},
  volume={130 1},
Is Stellate a Relict Meiotic Driver? X 0 males of Drosophila melanogaster are sterile. Associated with this sterility is the presence of crystals in the sperm. Crystal production is determined by the Stellate (Ste) locus which maps to position 45.7 on the X chromosome (HARDY et al. 1984). Expression of stellate is repressed in normal males by Suppressor of Stellate Su(Ste) on the Y chromosome just proximal to the fertility factor kl-2 (LIVAK 1984, 1990). In D. simulans and D. mauritiana the… CONTINUE READING

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