Is Speciesism Wrong by Definition?

  title={Is Speciesism Wrong by Definition?},
  author={François Jaquet},
  journal={Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics},
  • F. Jaquet
  • Published 1 June 2019
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics
Oscar Horta has argued that speciesism is wrong by definition. In his view, there can be no more substantive debate about the justification of speciesism than there can be about the legality of murder, for it stems from the definition of “speciesism” that speciesism is unjustified just as it stems from the definition of “murder” that murder is illegal. The present paper is a case against this conception. I distinguish two issues: one is descriptive (Is speciesism wrong by definition?) and the… 
The Speciesism Debate: Intuition, Method, and Empirical Advances
  • Jeroen Hopster
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Animals : an open access journal from MDPI
  • 2019
The need for integrating philosophical and empirical research is underscored, to come to terms with the extent to which the interests of members of different species are alike, and with the question of whether any dissimilarities might be morally relevant.
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Animal ethicists have been debating the morality of speciesism for over forty years. Despite rather persuasive arguments against this form of discrimination, many philosophers continue to assign
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