Is SDN the solution for NDN-VANETs?

  title={Is SDN the solution for NDN-VANETs?},
  author={Eirini Kalogeiton and Z. Zhao and T. Braun},
  journal={2017 16th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop (Med-Hoc-Net)},
  • Eirini Kalogeiton, Z. Zhao, T. Braun
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 16th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop (Med-Hoc-Net)
  • Named Data Networking (NDN) is a future Internet architecture suitable for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs), since it provides solutions to frequent topology changes in VANETs. [...] Key Method In particular, SDN assists for setting up rules that are used by RSUs to dictate to the vehicles how to perform forwarding in the VANET. Moreover, SDN could optimize the allocation of network resources. Finally, we present a network communication approach between different geographical areas using wired communication…Expand Abstract
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