Is Reality Real? Thoughts and Conjectures about Culture, Self, Intersubjectivity and Parallel Worlds in Digital Technologies

  title={Is Reality Real? Thoughts and Conjectures about Culture, Self, Intersubjectivity and Parallel Worlds in Digital Technologies},
  author={Ana Carol Pontes de França and Marcelo M{\'a}rcio Soares and Luciano Meira},
This article makes a brief foray into state-of-the-art in Virtual Reality technologies and into semiotic studies in the field of Human-Computer Interaction in order to invite the reader to think about human's current situation. From this perspective, we shall seek to raise new questions about the forms of communication and interaction mediated by digital technologies. These forms deal with the fact of fiction and non-fiction going hand-in-hand, taking shape in images which, and in virtual… 
Metaphors and Embodiment in Virtual Reality Systems
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The development of devices and applications based on Virtual Reality (VR) with inviting and affordable prices, is increasingly attractive to consumers eager for novelty, which makes it necessary to investigate the usability of these technologies as well as the ergonomic constraints and risks inherent in both the physical devices and the characteristics of the virtual environment adopted by the user.


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DE FRANÇA, A. C. P. Digital Self: exploring the “I” construction on the internet. Dissertation [Master Degree]. Post-graduation on Cognitive Psychology, Federal University of Pernambuco, Pernambuco,
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Assessing the Integration of the Self Self-Narratives: The Construction of Meaning in Psychotherapy Hubert J. M. Hermans and Els Hermans-Jansen. New York: Guilford Press, 305 pp., $40.00 (hardback).
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