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Is My Decoder Ambisonic

  title={Is My Decoder Ambisonic},
  author={A. Heller and R. Lee and E. Benjam{\'i}n},
  journal={Journal of The Audio Engineering Society},
  • A. Heller, R. Lee, E. Benjamín
  • Published 2008
  • Engineering
  • Journal of The Audio Engineering Society
  • In earlier papers, the present authors established the importance of various aspects of Ambisonic decoder design: a decoding matrix matched to the geometry of the loudspeaker array in use, phase-matched shelf filters, and near-field compensation. These are needed for accurate reproduction of spatial localization cues, such as interaural time difference (ITD), interaural level difference (ILD), and distance cues. Unfortunately, many listening tests of Ambisonic reproduction reported in the… CONTINUE READING

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