Is Liberal Society a Parasite on Tradition ?

  title={Is Liberal Society a Parasite on Tradition ?},
  author={Samuel Bowles and Simon G{\"a}chter and Bryan Garsten and Philip S. Gorski and Molly O’Grady and Della Ulibarri and Joy Lecuyer and Elisabeth G Wood and David D Laitin and Daria Roithmayr and Joshua B Cohen and Philippe van Parijs},
The parasitic liberalism thesis, advanced in many variants over the past two centuries, holds that the proper functioning of markets and other institutions endorsed by liberals depends on family-based, religious, and other traditional social norms that are endangered by these very institutions. Liberal society thus is said to fail Rawls’s test of stability: it does not “generate its own supportive moral attitudes.” Consistent with the thesis, market-like incentives are sometimes… CONTINUE READING