Is Human Height Bimodal?

  title={Is Human Height Bimodal?},
  author={Mark Schilling and Ann E. Watkins and Will Watkins},
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The combined distribution of heights of men and women has become the canonical illustration of bimodality when teaching introductory statistics. But is this example appropriate? This article investigates the conditions under which a mixture of two normal distributions is bimodal. A simple justification is presented that a mixture of equally weighted normal distributions with common standard deviation σ is bimodal if and only if the difference between the means of the distributions is greater… Expand
An Investigation into Adult Human Height Distributions Using Kernel Density Estimation
This study investigates how average adult human height distributions of various regions around the world have changed over time using a non-parametric approach. Performance of kernel densityExpand
Beta-Normal Distribution: Bimodality Properties and Application
The beta-normal distribution is characterized by four parameters that jointly describe the location, the scale and the shape properties. The beta-normal distribution can be unimodal or bimodal. ThisExpand
Evidence that computer science grades are not bimodal
It is suggested that bimodal grades are instructional folklore in CS, caused by confirmation bias and instructor beliefs about their students. Expand
Evidence That Computer Science Grades Are Not Bimodal
It is suggested that bimodal grades are instructional folklore in CS, caused by confirmation bias and instructor beliefs about their students. Expand
Conditions of the Presence of Bimodal Amplitude Distribution of Two-Process Surfaces
Limiting conditions of presence of bimodal ordinate distribution depend on the material ratio at the plateau-to-valley transition (the Smq parameter), and on the ratio of heights of the plateau and valley surface parts (Spq/Svq). Expand
COMPUTING EDUCATION RESEARCHGeek genes and bimodal grades
The frequency of the bimodal distribution is over-stated in the computer science education community, and the idea that some students are born with an innate ability to program (the “geek gene”) while other students are doomed to struggle with programming is disagreed with. Expand
Automatic method of pause measurement for normal and dysarthric speech
It is concluded that distributional analysis of pause duration holds promise as a useful method of measuring the effects of Friedreich's Ataxia on functional speech. Expand
did very poorly, there is a second hump in the distribution, indicating a set of students with somewhat better performance.” I don’t buy it. I don’t see how the small blip high in that graphExpand
Multiplicative Modeling of Children’s Growth and Its Statistical Properties
We develop a numerical growth model that can predict the statistical properties of the height distribution of Japanese children. Our previous studies have clarified that the height distribution ofExpand
Modeling distributions on a bounded support via finite mixtures of mode-parameterized beta and gamma densities
This paper address the problem of estimating a density, defined on a bounded interval, exploiting a general and natural form of finite mixture of distributions. To this end, subclasses of unimodalExpand


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Genesis of Bimodal Distributions
Conditions for which the density function of a mixture of two normal distributions is bimodal are investigated. For fixed values of the variances σ1 2 and σ2 2 of the normal distributions if theExpand
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Some descriptive properties of normal mixtures
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The book provides a good summary of current research in subsampling, along with some new results, and provides some practical advice on how to use subsampled in practice. Expand
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Statistical Methods: A Geometric Primer
1 Introduction.- 1.1 Aim of This Book.- 1.2 The Basic Idea.- 1.3 The General Method.- 1.4 An Alternative Test Statistic.- 1.5 Estimation.- 1.6 Layout of the Book.- 1.7 Word to Teachers.- 1.8Expand
Decomposition of a mixture into normal components: a review.
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