Is Holland Becoming the Kansas of Europe?

  title={Is Holland Becoming the Kansas of Europe?},
  author={Martin Enserink},
  pages={1394 - 1394}
  • M. Enserink
  • Published 3 June 2005
  • Political Science
  • Science
EVOLUTION POLITICSAMSTERDAM-- When science and education minister Maria van der Hoeven recently announced plans to stimulate an academic debate about "intelligent design"--the movement that believes only the existence of a creator can explain the astonishing complexity of the living world--she triggered an uproar not unlike that raging in Kansas. 
Recent events indicate that creationists are becoming increasingly active in the Netherlands. This article offers an overview of these events. First, I discuss the introduction of Intelligent Design
The Origins of Creationism in the Netherlands: The Evolution Debate among Twentieth-Century Dutch Neo-Calvinists
The Netherlands is, besides the United States, one of the few countries where debates about creationism have been raging for decades. Strict creationism has become deeply rooted in traditional
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everyone can agree with: science has never been more important to the citizenry and to the body politic. But instead of becoming better understood by the public and its representatives something one
The Power of Place: Geography, Destiny, and Globalization's Rough Landscape
In recent years a spate of books and articles have argued that the world today is so mobile, so interconnected and so integrated that it is, in one prominent assessment, flat. But as Harm de Blij
What's the matter with Kansas?
  • B. Stabile
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Politics and the life sciences : the journal of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
  • 2009
Examining the contextual factors shaping legislative debates affecting stem cell research in two states, Kansas and Massachusetts, is intended to contribute to an enhanced understanding of the cloning-policy process as it has played out at the state level, with an eye toward informing legislative debates over related biotechnical advances in the future.
What's the matter by Kansas? Legislative debates over stem cell research in Kansas and Massachusetts
This paper examines the contextual factors shaping legislative debates affecting stem cell research in two states, Kansas and Massachusetts, which both permit therapeutic cloning for stem cell
Evolution und Kreationismus in Europa
Das Phanomen der Ablehnung des wissenschaftlichen Faktums der Evolution wird als Kreationismus von vielen Europaern in erster Linie jenseits des Atlantiks in den USA verortet. In der europaischen