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Is Glycolic Acid Safe and Effective in the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Acne

  title={Is Glycolic Acid Safe and Effective in the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Acne},
  author={Brittany Stokes},
Objective: The objective of this selective EMB review is to determine whether or not the use of glycolic acid is effective in the treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. Study Design: The review of three randomized, double-blind, controlled trials all published in English language between the years of 2008-2010. Data Sources: Three randomized, double-blind, controlled trails comparing glycolic acid to a visually matched placebo or pharmaceutical therapy in improvement of acne. All… 

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Glycolic acid peels versus amino fruit acid peels for acne

Both GA and AFA peels are efficacious for comedonal acne and, compared to a GA peel, an AFA peel is less irritating and better tolerated.

Comparison of α‐ and β‐Hydroxy Acid Chemical Peels in the Treatment of Mild to Moderately Severe Facial Acne Vulgaris

The glycolic acid and salicylic acid peels were similarly effective in the treatment of mild to moderately severe facial acne vulgaris and the salicyolic acid peel had sustained effectiveness and fewer side effects.


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Panel of physicians and researchers worked together as a global alliance and task force to improve outcomes in acne treatment and have tried to give consensus recommendation for the treatment of acne.

Office visits to dermatologists: National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, United States, 1989-90.

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The resulting 2 years of data have been combined to provide more reliable estimates, and the reader should note the number of visits made to dermatologists over this 2-year period is estimated to be 698 million.

A 10% glycolic acid containing oil‐in‐water emulsion improves mild acne: a randomized double‐blind placebo‐controlled trial

Background  Acne is characterized by hyperseborrhea, follicular hyperkeratosis, and growth of propionibacteria. Alpha hydroxy acids depending on the pH of the finished product exhibit comedolytic as