Is Fascist realism a magic realism?

  title={Is Fascist realism a magic realism?},
  author={Romy Golan},
  journal={Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics},
  pages={221 - 237}
  • Romy Golan
  • Published 1 March 2020
  • Art
  • Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics
The atmosphere of Torre di Venere remains unpleasant in the memory. From the first moment the air of the place made us uneasy, we felt irritable, on edge; then at the end came the shocking business of Cipolla, that dreadful being who seemed to incorporate, in so fateful and so humanly impressive a way, all the peculiar evilness of the situation as a whole. Looking back, we had the feeling that the horrible end of the affair had been preordained and lay in the nature of things; that the children… 


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L'interesse, e la bellezza, della pittura di Casorati sta in questa sua assenza dalla polemica: nel suo calmo respiro lirico
  • Giolli, Felice Casorati
  • 1914
Stagnitti , “ Una rivista d ’ autore : ‘ 900 ’ di Massimo Bontempelli
  • Quaderni Grigionitaliani
Felice Casorati architetto
  • 1929
Paulucci , “ Felice Casorati architetto
  • 1940
La raccolta Gualino d'arte moderna e contemporanea
  • 1982
Arte Moderna, inv. S/280 (103 x 199 cm)
    Pompei risorta
    • Dedalo , year IV