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Is Disparate Impact Having Any Impact? An Appellate Analysis of Forty Years of Disparate Impact Claims Under the Fair Housing Act

  title={Is Disparate Impact Having Any Impact? An Appellate Analysis of Forty Years of Disparate Impact Claims Under the Fair Housing Act},
  author={Stacy E. Seicshnaydre},
  journal={The American University law review},
This article addresses an issue to be decided by the Supreme Court this term, with the Court recently granting certiorari in the case of Mount Holly Gardens Citizens in Action, Inc. v. Township of Mt. Holly, 658 F.3d 375 (3rd Cir. 2011). The sole issue to be decided in the case is whether the disparate impact theory is cognizable under the Fair Housing Act (FHA). After forty years of FHA disparate impact jurisprudence, in which every circuit court to consider the question has decided that… 

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