Is Corporate Venture Capital a Prescription for Success in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

  title={Is Corporate Venture Capital a Prescription for Success in the Pharmaceutical Industry?},
  author={Andrew G. Reaume},
While venture capital investing may not appear to be aligned with the core activities of most corporations, it is a financial practice that has found its way into many technology-intensive businesses. Unlike traditional venture capital, corporate venture capital (CVC) primarily serves strategic purposes. Among the industries where CVC is prevalent, the pharmaceutical industry has many features that distinguish it from other technology-based businesses. For example, product development times are… 
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A framework that will help a company decide whether it should invest in a particular start-up by first understanding what kind of benefit might be realized from the investment, and explains why certain types of corporate VC investments proliferate only when financial returns are high, why other types persist in good times and in bad, and why still others make little sense in any phase of the business cycle.
Venture Capital and Private Equity: A Casebook
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Ernst & Young Corporate Venture Capital Report
  • 2002
Corporate Venture Capital's Complex Agenda