Is Chiari I malformation associated with fibromyalgia?

  title={Is Chiari I malformation associated with fibromyalgia?},
  author={Nathaniel F. Watson and Dedra S. Buchwald and Jack Michael Goldberg and Kenneth R. Maravilla and Carolyn Noonan and Qingyan Guan and Richard G. Ellenbogen},
  volume={68 2},
  pages={443-8; discussion 448-9}
BACKGROUND The symptoms of Chiari I Malformation (CIM) and fibromyalgia (FM) overlap. Some FM patients have been surgically treated for presumed CIM-type pathology. OBJECTIVE To determine whether CIM is more common among FM patients than pain- and fatigue-free controls. METHODS One hundred seventy-six participants with FM and 67 pain- and fatigue-free control subjects underwent magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and upper cervical spine. Posterior fossa cerebrospinal fluid flow was… CONTINUE READING