Irreversible adsorption of particles on heterogeneous surfaces.


Methods of theoretical and experimental evaluation of irreversible adsorption of particles, e.g., colloids and globular proteins at heterogeneous surfaces were reviewed. The theoretical models were based on the generalized random sequential adsorption (RSA) approach. Within the scope of these models, localized adsorption of particles occurring as a result… (More)


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@article{Adamczyk2005IrreversibleAO, title={Irreversible adsorption of particles on heterogeneous surfaces.}, author={Zbigniew Adamczyk and Katarzyna Jaszcz{\'o}łt and Aneta Michna and Barbara Siwek and Lilianna Szyk-Warszyńska and Maria Zembala}, journal={Advances in colloid and interface science}, year={2005}, volume={118 1-3}, pages={25-42} }