Irreducible background of gravitational waves from a cosmic defect network: Update and comparison of numerical techniques

  title={Irreducible background of gravitational waves from a cosmic defect network: Update and comparison of numerical techniques},
  author={D. Figueroa and M. Hindmarsh and J. Lizarraga and J. Urrestilla},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Cosmological phase transitions in the early Universe may produce relics in the form of a network of cosmic defects. Independently of the order of a phase transition, topology of the defects, and their global or gauge nature, the defects are expected to emit gravitational waves (GWs) as the network energy-momentum tensor adapts itself to maintaining {scaling}. We show that the evolution of any defect network (and for that matter any scaling source) emits a GW background with spectrum $\Omega_… Expand

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