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Irrationality From The Book

  title={Irrationality From The Book},
  author={Steven J. Miller and David Montague},
  journal={arXiv: History and Overview},
We generalize Tennenbaum's geometric proof of the irrationality of sqrt(2) to sqrt(n) for n = 3, 5, 6 and 10. Modified version published in Mathematics Magazine \textbf{85} (2012), no. 2, 110--114. 

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A geometric proof that $\sqrt{n}$ is irrational for $n$ not a square

For any positive integer $n$ which is not a square we show geometrically that $\sqrt n$ is irrational by generalizing Tennenbaum's geometric proof that $\sqrt 2$ is irrational.

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A geometric proof that $\sqrt{3}$, $\sqrt{5}$ and $\sqrt{7}$ are irrational.

We show geometrically that $\sqrt n$ is irrational for $n=3,5,7$ by adapting Tennenbaum's geometric proof that $\sqrt 2$ is irrational.



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Three proofs that the square root of 2 is irrational are given and the first proof is a simple proof by contradiction and the second and third proofs use field theory from abstract algebra.


If somehow you have not yet seen that proof, please ask someone, for example me, to show it to you. (Or maybe look at [2]. Well, meanwhile you can also extract it as a special case (substitute a = b

An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers

  • E. T.
  • Mathematics
  • 1946
THIS book must be welcomed most warmly into X the select class of Oxford books on pure mathematics which have reached a second edition. It obviously appeals to a large class of mathematical readers.

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Book of numbers

How Many People Can the Earth Support?By Joel E. Cohen. Norton: 1995. Pp. 532. $30, £22.50. UK publication date, 27 March.

The Power of Mathematics

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