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Irradiation response and stability of nanoporous materials

  title={Irradiation response and stability of nanoporous materials},
  author={E. Fu and Yongqiang Wang and M. Caro and J. Caro and L. Zepeda-Ruiz and E. Bringa and M. Nastasi and J. Baldwin},
  • E. Fu, Yongqiang Wang, +5 authors J. Baldwin
  • Published 2012
  • Materials Science
  • Nanoporous materials consist of a regular organic or inorganic framework supporting a regular, porous structure. Pores are by definition roughly in the nanometre range, that is between 0.2 nm and 100 nm. Nanoporous materials can be subdivided into 3 categories (IUPAC): (1) Microporous materials - 0.2-2 nm; (2) Mesoporous materials - 2-50 nm; and (3) Macroporous materials - 50-1000 nm. np-Au foams were successfully synthesized by de-alloying process. np-Au foams remain porous structure after Ne… CONTINUE READING