Irradiation hardening in F82H irradiated at 573 K in the HFIR

  title={Irradiation hardening in F82H irradiated at 573 K in the HFIR},
  author={Takanori Hirose and N. Okubo and Hiroyasu Tanigawa and M. Ando and Mikhail A. Sokolov and Roger E. Stoller and G. Robert Odette},
Post-irradiation tensile tests were conducted on alloy F82H and variants of this steels irradiated at 573 K up to 19 dpa in the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) in Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Post-irradiation tensile and hardness tests revealed that the strength of F82H steeply increased below 5 dpa, and the total elongation decreased. The ductility of the variants, which showed more ductility in the unirradiated condition was the same as irradiated F82H, even though the magnitude of… CONTINUE READING