Irradiance-dependent current-limiting behavior of multijunction solar cells

  title={Irradiance-dependent current-limiting behavior of multijunction solar cells},
  author={Avi Braun and E. A. Katz and Klaus Schwarzburg and Thomas Hannappel and J. M. Gordon},
  journal={2012 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference},
Measurements of tandem GaInAsP/InGaAs concentrator solar cells are presented and demonstrate how the short-circuit current of multijunction cells can shift from the higher-current subcell to the lower-current subcell as irradiance increases. Basic modeling shows how this can occur for cells that exhibit a noticeably non-zero slope in the low-voltage regime of the current-voltage curve of the current-limiting subcell. This observation should be general to all series-connected multijunction cells… CONTINUE READING